What is Full Color and GREEN all over?
The answer is an advertising calendar from Tru Art Advertising Calendars. Yes, our calendars are the GREENEST promotional products available. In most cases they are made from recycled paper, they are reusable and they are completely recyclable. The paper comes from trees that are a renewable resource. And our calendars provide enough space to convey a GREEN message directly to the end-user.

If the paper is FSC certified, the source of the paper can be tracked to a specific group of trees and how and when they were harvested. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is the leading independent international organization that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

To illustrate our calendars’ eco-friendliness, lets follow one through the entire process of its life.

DEVELOPMENT: Turning Trees into Calendars: LoggingTruck
1. The ABC Tree Company, harvesting a group of trees, in the Escanaba, Michigan area, that has been FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

2. The DEF Transportation Company transports the logs from that harvest to a paper mill. It also documents where each specific load came from and where it went.

3. The GHI Paper Mill turns the logs into pulp. That pulp is kept separate from the pulp from other sources of logs. In this case the paper mill adds 10% Post-Consumer-Waste paper into the pulp mix. The FSC refers to this as “Mixed Sources.” Post-Consumer-Waste paper is paper that has been printed on, used by the consumer and recycled. The paper mill then turns the pulp into paper. The mill notifies the FSC of the origins of each part of the paper’s pulp.

janOpen4. Tru Art Advertising Calendars has an idea for a calendar. In this case it is for an ecology theme calendar. Tru Art orders FSC-certified paper from the mill. Tru Art also submits a layout for approval of how the FSC Logo will be used. Once the FSC has approved the logo usage, Tru Art prints the calendars.

These calendars were printed on paper with 10% Post-Consumer-Fiber and on paper that can be traced back to a specific group of trees it came from. This insures the consumer that the paper used in the calendar has not come from a source that causes undue harm to the environment.

USAGE: The Day-To-Day Life of Calendars:
1. The PQR Company gives a calendar to Mr. STU.

2. Mr. STU hangs a calendar on the wall of his office. He refers to the calendar every day, several times a day. He notes important dates in the grid spaces of each month.

3. Mr. STU’s calendar carries ecology tips and he learns how he can help protect the environment.

4. Mr. STU uses and re-uses his calendar for 365 days. At the end of the year, he receives a new calendar from the PQR Company and hangs it up on his office wall.

5. Sometimes Mr. STU saves his previous year’s calendar to refer to the memos he has made. But this year he decides to recycle last year’s calendar.

This calendar was used and re-used several times and at the same time it “taught” the user how to protect the environment.

RECYCLING: Turning Calendars into Calendars:


Printing on FSC certified papers with eco-friendly, soy-based inks

1. Mr. STU removes the spiral wire from his calendar, recycles the wire, and recycles the paper from the calendar.

2. The VWX Recycling Company picks up the recyclables. They take the wire and combine it with other like metals. They take the paper and combine it with other like paper.

3. The Y Company buys the metal from the recycling company and makes products from it.

4. Lastly the Z Paper Company buys the paper from the recycling company and adds this “Post-Consumer-Fiber” paper to some other FSC-certified paper and sells it to Tru Art Advertising Calendars to produce next year’s calendars.

This calendar was 100% recycled!

The calendar from Tru Art Advertising Calendars is truly the GREENEST promotional product – providing reduces wasted advertising, re-usable advertising and completely recyclable product. And it can also be a teacher to those who want to do their part in protecting the environment.

If you are looking for a GREEN promotional product . . . think of the Tru Art calendar first. Then contact your Promotional Product Counselor.

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