greenCoImage1Going GREEN isn’t easy!

Incorporating environmental responsibility into your company’s long-term business plan isn’t easy and doesn’t happen overnight. In fact it is a “journey” that doesn’t really ever end.

So why should you start this journey? Because ultimately, it can make your company money, provide your employees with a shared vision, improve your company’s reputation, and enhance your profitability.


You may be asking yourself “Is this really necessary?”
FrogCleanIf your business is concerned about shareholders, consumers, competitive threats, media, employees, cost savings, or continued brand strength then the answer is YES!

Shareholders want: your brand to add value, cost savings that enhance profits, quality employees to insure the company’s future, and a strong company reputation.
Consumers want: brands that reinforces their choices and brands that share their values.
Employees want: brand strength that makes them believe they work for a contender, their company to take a positive role in the community, a shared vision, and a good story to share with friends and clients.

“Effective corporate messaging manifests in many different ways. Our data shows that consumers are less price-conscious if they share values with the brand. Consumers tend to be more loyal to the brand and more likely to talk about the brand with friends and family.”
-- Gwynne Rogers, Natural Marketing Institute

greenCoImageCustomers and employees have become extremely conscientious about the state of our environment and actively seek to support companies that are thought to be environmentally responsible. By taking small steps you can change your marketing to incorporate green practices and products. Doing so has a beneficial impact on the environment and gives your company socially responsible marketability.


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