Be Wise - Use Calendars to Advertise

Incorporating calendar advertising into your marketing plan has several paybacks. Consider these benefits:

  • Impact – Calendars display your message where buying decisions are made.
  • Long Life – Calendars last a full year, or longer.
  • Gift Value – Recipients know the “retail” value of a calendar. They value calendars enough to give them as gifts.
  • Eye Appeal and Utility Value – Colorful Images attract buyers' eyes and the utility value insures your message will be seen day after day.
  • Low Cost Per Impression – Less than a penny a day.
  • Controlled Distribution – No wasted advertising.
  • Lots of Choices – Tru Art has numerous stock styles to choose from -- or create a custom calendar that is especially yours.
  • Advertising Space – Large imprint areas allow ample space to tell your story.
  • Advertising They Ask For – Become a valued source for a “tool” your customers want, need and use every day.
  • An Integral Part of Life – Calendars often gain value over the course of their lives. Appointments, notes, phone numbers, contacts, addresses, expenses… the list of items recorded on or added to a calendar goes on and on. A calendar or planner becomes an integral part of the user’s life and may be saved as a record even when the year is over. The advertiser continues to benefit from this ongoing association.

Some statistics on calendar usage:

  • 85% of home calendar users do business with the advertiser.
  • 83% of household recipients and 94% of business recipients can recall the advertising messages on the calendars they receive.
  • Many people use more than one calendar. The average household has four to six.
  • Calendars have gift appeal. Nearly 67% of home calendar recipients and 44% of business recipients said they would purchase calendars if they didn't receive promotional styles.

Show what sets your business apart

An advertising calendar is the ideal way to show the world what makes you special. This promotional product that can be customized in a multitude of easy and cost effective ways.

  • Specially design the back sheet of a stock appointment calendar or add an extra sheet of information, coupons, etc.
  • Make your message stand out with a full-color imprint.
  • Create a unique calendar that is yours and yours alone.

Assure Your Customers Get the Message

DISTRIBUTION – Having an appropriate distribution plan is the key to a successful calendar advertising program.

  • Place calendars on the counter or desk so customers can “Take One."
  • Mail them to those on your customer list, or have the factory do so.
  • Have your representatives deliver them personally on sales calls.
  • Ask permission to leave some in public areas of your community.

ORDERED TOO MANY? – Donate them to charitable institutions or retirement homes to create goodwill. Plenty of potential customers work with charities or have friends and relatives they visit in retirement homes.

DIDN’T ORDER ENOUGH? – Contact your promotional products consultant. In most cases, Tru Art can print an exact reorder without delay. Recipients will still be grateful for calendars they receive In January.

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